we spend our weekends on the hunt. combing vintage clothing racks. rummaging thrift stores. strolling flea markets. digging out basements and forgotten garages. on surface, we’re looking for things. but we’re really searching for a feeling. nostalgia, excitement, remembrance… not sure, but when we find it, it feels good.

About Can

My love for finding and collecting began as a kid at my grandmother's house where a Saturday's dig through her junk drawers could yield anything from a deck of cards to funky eye glasses to those black U.S. Government pens that never had enough ink.

While living in North Carolina, I found myself rummaging antique stores and flea markets for home accents with a little history. In 2012, I moved back home and bought my great-great aunt's house with more than 50 years of memories to clean out first. This was filled with joys (like finding a bible from 1884) and heartaches (like losing that bible) that made me want to preserve, share, and sell vintage goods.

Like Fred G. Sanford, I'm building my junk empire. cangoods vintage weekend will cover a range of topics related to collecting, buying, selling, design, reusing, and history. Join me this weekend for some vintage inspiration.